It is not a secret that every girl in the world want to have the best bod. No matter how boyish you are, there's a little part of yourself that is wanting to have a killer femme fatale body (killer and fatale, lol okay). If it's not for being pretty, at least for being a strong lady.

Now there's many way to achieve your body posture goal. There are pills, diets, workouts and even liposuction or things like that. My favourite way got to be workouts. They shape your body pretty and strong. Not like pills that are chemicals and might destroy your body works or liposuction that might left marks on your body (or at least expensive), workout is all about how do you achieve a good body in a balance way. 

Crazy dieting would only do harm, yes your body is smaller and thinner by size, but your health also in risk. The body image that is created is not same with the workout body. 

It is not easy to do workouts, you must have perseverance and make it a habit.

There are 5 (sites and) workouts I want to share with you:

1. Neila Rey

Talk about fun and interesting simple workouts, there ya got it. Neila Rey has this collection of funky (hahah, poor choice of word) and easy to applied in home. Here is my favourite workout set. Or whatever you called it. The author has visual representation of each movement you need to do, so if you're a beginner, this is very helpful.

The workouts are divided by the theme (i.e. superhero) or your main target. Check out the website and enjoy your workout day.

The owner of this tumblr is very nice, she's helpful and her collections of workout sets are beautiful and straight to the point. 

3. Workouts.daily

This instagram account has more than 900 posts related to workouts and getting fit. Fun thing is, some of their posts are songs or movies related workouts. You're a fan of Demi Lovato? Then today is your lucky day, they have a (maybe more) post of workout with Demi theme.

Some of the themed workouts are : Ed Sheeran, BO$$, and OITNB. There are still many more!

This blog is all about workouts and events that support it. The admin has beginner calendar workouts for all of ya beginners out there. Tick the calendar off and watch your body become healthier (and fitter!). Her recipes look yummy (I haven't tried any, lack of ingredients here.) and her blog cover almost everything you need to know about workouts.

Check out her POP HIIT, she also has video guides.

This tweeps tweets everything related to workouts, from the fun side to the downhill. Some funny things and workout sets, motivational pics for you to see. Gather up some motivation and start ya workout.

So, now you have some reference, start your surfing, research and workouts! Well, what do you think? What is your website workout guru? Share it with us and let's start the workouts!

**This post might be revised any time soon

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