5 Favourite Clothing Line

Hey hey, school is about to start so I might not be online as often as usual.  My main focus would be on school but I (hope I can) promise you that I'll update at least once a month with interesting post. Now for the closing of my ever active months, I'll present you, my 5 top clothing line :

1. New Look

I remember the first time I went to New Look, I was fashion blind back then, my mother took me to a mega big mall, there was this store called New Look and I went inside. My sister found a very cute muscle tee, that was the moment when I realise what is fashion. The muscle tee was very pretty and I'm pretty devastated for not getting any. There was no cute clothing that was my size.

Before I went to another store I remembered hard the name. New Look.

But few weeks later I forgot.

Then I remember again, when I was visiting another mall. There was the store and I did some window shopping spree.

The point is, New Look was and is my first and true fashion love.

2. Topshop

I checked out some store and Topshop was beautiful. My last item from that store was a crop plaid shirt. IT WAS PER TO THE FECT. I usually buy tops in Topshop
Pretty, right?
Here are 2 other eye-candy tops from Topshop

3. Bershka

Bershka is another brand that I really love to the core of my clothing heart. Their pants are comfortable and good looking, it fits and cool. My last buy was a white short.

It was stretchy but not rubber-kind-of stretchy, so it's adorably stretchy

Here are another two eye-candy pieces

4. Stradivarius

Pretty cheap and they sell tween friendly clothes. My recently bought was a blue sleeveless crop top, which I am in no luck of finding the pic online.
So here are 3 tween friendly clothing from Stradivarius :

5. Oversea local boutiques

Local boutique is the right place to find indie clothing that is annoyingly cute with fairly cheap price. The advantage of overseas local boutiques are they have one of a kind clothes that no one in your state have, so that will make you unique. The disadvantage is the quality is not guaranteed (sometimes) or the clothing, once damaged cannot be return, even after only a day of wearing. 


So that's all, what is your favourite clothing store/line? Do you remember that one clothing brand that makes your eyes opened to all fashion-ey things? Share it on the comments [:

*There's no picture of me in this post, not even the plaid crop top one. Although the model really has a hot bod. oops

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