Wednesday, 31 August 2016

2D Crushes

Hi my daylings,

I know I haven't posted anything for a while. But worry not, because I am going to post something very light today: 2D crushes.

Do you remember 10 years ago (or even more or less, depends on how old are you right now :P ), when your sole contact with opposite gender is only from cartoons and all the 2Ds gang? Well, I do. This article is written by a heterosexual, yes I realise that heteros are so weird, we avoid opposite gender contacts in any way possible when we were young (or at least that's what I was taught, life and world is full of injustice and plain ignorance things, I know I know)


I do remember :'). But time has passed, and crushes come and go. But 2D crushes, they always have a special part in our heart, and this post is dedicated for them.




1. Danny Fenton (from Danny Phantom)

 Who do not know him? WE ALL know him, the ghost kid, hottie of the millennium in western hemisphere (I hope). He and his bestfriends catch some ghosts and blah blah blah. You don't read this post for the Danny Phantom plot, you go here for the FACE, he made you think that white hair is kool and the bullies always have big body and blond hair. And how much I despise Sam *sometimes* because of her closeness to Dan. Dam, I missed you Dan (TT^TT)

2. Jake Long (from the American Dragon)

If you don't know it by now, you must not be a late-2000 devoted watcher of Disney Channel (at least in Asian countries). Jake Long is an Asian American boy who can turn into dragon. He was the definition of  s o  c u t e. I love him, you love him. One of my favorite episode was when he met the twins who can predict the future, one of them can predict all the happy things and the other predicts sad events. Jake was confused why the happy predictor was a sad goth type of girl and the sad predictor was a happy go lucky type of girl. The goth one replied: once you know all the great things that are going to happen to your life, you won't be happy anymore.
Back to the 2D perfection. Jake, as I say, was an Asian American, maybe that's why I partly liked him. *I am Asian if it's not clear enough, lol*, and partly because he can skateboard.

3. Cooking Master Boy (I forgot his name)

You think I won't post any anime don't you? I watched few animes and this was one of my all time favourites (Hatchi, Robocop, and Tea Dogs whatever it was). He wanted to be the best cook if I was not wrong, but I barely remember everything about it. All I remember now is his luscious long blue locks and typical anime-boy smile. IT MELTED MY HEART, I WATCHED U WHEN I WAS SICK, I WATCHED U ALL THE TIME, LUV U 4EVA. He was a great cook.

I think I still have a lot more, but that's just it for today. My first crush gotta be Danny Phantom tho. How about you guys, who was your lover in the 2Dimension Love Redemption (in other words: Who were your 2D crushes, it can't  be only one.)

Much love,


Wednesday, 29 June 2016


This holiday I went to Turkey, Scotland, UK, and Hong Kong. I have been traveling a lot with my family. If there's anything my dad knows the best in how to plan a vacation. So here's the tips and tricks.


Preparing is never the fun part of having a vacation, all those clothes to pack, the itinerary, hotel bookings etcetera etcetera, but we all have to go through that. Here's the planner :

1. Collect travel agencies package planner
Yes, we are planning our own vacation, but we do not know anything about everything there. So the best plan to do is to make a rough plan using an experienced visitors plan. Collect the brochures with itinerary which fits you, whether it's Wonderful England or American Holiday. 
Keep this itinerary and learn about it. When we finally decide the best itinerary to use, here come the problems:
a. They use travel bus, we use foot. Here's to consider, if you are travelling between states rent a car. Experiencing holiday is on another level when you rent a car. Remember to have your driving license ready. Book cars from : Alamo, Hertz, Enterprise and so on. Enterprise is reliable as my parents usually rent cars from them, but you can check google to find the most suitable one.

b. They eat at such short intervals. Breakfast and lunch? Who needs that? Well, I don't. Check restaurants through sites or checking around malls. Malls are mostly filled with chain-restaurants, but there are local chains. Try them. (Or make a personal mission to eat KFCs from all around the world)

c. Travel agencies take care of all the needs, which include tickets and payment. Make sure to check website to check the price of each attractions and promotions available during certain time. Bring credit cards and enough cash. Make early bookings to keep your room.


Long flights will cause dizziness and jet-lag, the least you can do to prevent it (I think) is to manage your sleeping during flight. Sleep around the latest eight before hours arriving if you are arriving early in the morning; do not sleep for the last twelve hours if you are arriving late in the afternoon.

Take extra rest if needed, do not over-estimate yourself. Traveling is about to have fun. Don't stress yourself.


Always remember to return the rent car on time. Remember to check the route via GPS or tourist information so you will not get lost and can estimate how long will it takes to arrive at the airport or to pack up your bags.


  1. Download at least 2 online maps to assist your travel. GoogleMaps is necessary.
  2. Download the public transport app if you are planning to take one.
  3. Download the traveling apps to book or compare prices. Kayak and works the best.
  4. Use backpacks when using airplanes, you'll bring more stuffs that you need.
  5. If you decide to blend in with the crowd, check youtubers video of the destination country and check the people on the background (what they wear, what they bring, what they do, etc)
  6. Put valuables inside the bag you bring with you (not the luggage) because the airport workers tend to throw luggage or anything on their hands.
  7. Always check the price, tourist are overpriced all the time. (and sometimes there's nothing you can do about it)
  8. Always bring your passport.


  1. Backpack (use a small one to camouflage with locals, big one if you're the tourleader of this not tour)
  2. Hats (You'll never know)
  3. Cellphone (This one is pretty obvious)
  4. Sandals (Carpets are dirty, sometimes you have to leave your sneakers behind and use ultra comfy and damage proof sandals)
  5. Small umbrella (very useful)

*will be edited later*

Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Hi fellow students!
We are reaching the end of semester, let's prepare ourselves for a long holiday.
What is better than spending an entire holiday binge-watching dramas? NOTHING. I have listed gr8 dramas to watch this holiday, c'mon:

1. Mischievous Kiss
The K-drama where this meme came from
I don't really watch K-dramas, for me most of them are cliches and too melancholy. I prefer light-hearted comedy. I have tried watching Dream High and The Descendants of the Sun or whatever it was, they did not spark any interest in me. Mischievous Kiss is as cliche as most romcoms are but it is too funny to missed. 10/10 would watch, take that from a not-a-K-drama-enthusiast.
They really emphasize the stupidgirlxsmartboy thingy, put that aside and really this drama is perfect.

2. Keeping Up With The Kardashian

Despite how bad the reviews are or how made up this show is, nothing can deny that The Kardashians are one of a kind. It is annoying sometimes seeing how the sisters act (haha) or how pushy their mom is, but KUWTK provide a comedy and your daily thirst of knowing someone's life. ( I do not even know how I ended up liking this series, it's just captivating, p.s.: Kourtney is my fave)

 3.Phineas and Ferb

I only watch few cartoons(and animes) (LIE), my favourites are: Gravity Falls, Totally Spies, and Yakitate!! Japan. Phineas and Ferb is my sister favourite. I enjoyed stories that represent healthy family relationships and good musical numbers. The songs are catchy and silly, that is the part of the charm I guess.

Enjoy your wasted holiday then, daylings!

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Leo and His Oscar

If you don’t know it yet, which I bet you haven’t know because I never talked about it, I am dealing with universities enrolment right now. Like all students around the world, I list top 5 universities I am applying to. There is this one particular university where I applied and successfully entered until the last stage. For this last stage I must score my final exam in flying colours. 

Sadly, the colours weren’t fly enough. So here I am, sulking and chomping the last tub of butterscotch ice cream because I can *sob*. After few minutes, I took a shower and think there. I know how it felt now: to be almost there, but almost is never enough.

Is this what Leo DiCaprio felt???

I used to think that Leo should be thankful that he is already nominated for Oscar although he did not get it. He must had no disappointment, afterall he had been nominated. I was so naïve.

I would say, below is On a Catapult Philosophy.

You can be the DiCaprio. Leo has been nominated for the Oscar for four times, and for that four times he did not win. He must felt heartbroken each time, and being used to it does not mean it hurts any less. 

He is welcoming everyone to be like him

After his first failure, he keep doing his business. He played in good movies and he lost another Oscar, again and again. Until the fifth time, he won it. Critics and viewer are happy unlike some who won but unapproved by the audiences or critics, he won big time.

Losing is uneasy, losing is not fun, losing is not forever, lose battles win the war. Let’s just say that this is your catapult moment, the more you are being pulled back the higher you will rise. Just remember to never lose your sight, to never let it slip and crack you inside.

You are the metallic ball, your lost make you heavy but it pulls you even deeper, your losses help you, just don’t let it get into you.
No matter how small the failure is, it is still a failure *sigh*

Case 2: Akio Morita

Akio Morita is the founder of the giant electronic company Sony. When he was younger he did not pass his final examination. His friend said “it’s okay, you can try again, it’s nothing,” and so on. Akio replied, “No, you don’t know how I feel,” he was devastated. For me, I won’t be able to recover from a failure until few years ahead (when I finally proved the world that I don’t need those who failed me) or unless it changed. Nothing can cure our disappointment of it, unless the condition changes and we get what we want. 

Akio Morita at the end built Sony from scratch and became one of the influencing people in business. It is never too late or too early to be something. Just keep in the faith.

Remember, this is probably not your fifth nomination, so, do your best, study from your past mistakes, be idealistic, be realistic, be the best.


Thursday, 5 May 2016

About Friendship.

Last night, I attended my high school prom. I wore the most basic dress I've ever own, it was shell pink but I was looking cool as hell! The problem was, I never thought that the students of my school would be so Americanized. They were giving all for this event. The girls made their own dresses, the boys wore suits and ties like they were born wearing them. So I ended up looking like the little sister who was with her older sis and her friends because mum can't keep an eye on me.

The event was kind of OK, it went along so well, the MCs were nice and funny and the teachers were entertained. At the end of the prom, the MCs asked for the technician to turn of the lamps and invited the attendees to step forward and thanked or apologized to anyone in particular.

A girl asked for forgiveness from her friends who avoid her, saying sorry if she had done anything wrong. And it made me remember my group of friends.

We were formed in eighth or ninth grade. Each of us are different and I somehow don't even understand why we can be together. There are the rebellious painter, beauty queen, walking radio, walking honk, cabbage patch kid irl, aspiring dancer, shy fashionista, book worm, thirsty af, and idk how to explain? blank blank maybe?. Our bond was so tight, we were never seen without each other, we do not talk behind each other back and if we have problems with each other, we confront, deal, and finish it.

After a year however, our friendship was loosened up. I was alone in my new class, each of my friends started a new friendship, which is, very normal. The day has came to admit that we are not as tight as we were. Sometimes we tried hard to reconnect, we do still very close till these days although some of us might have left almost entirely. Some of us might have worn a 'friendship bracelet' from their another group and that's just it.

Here is an open letter, to represent all the friendships that seems loosen up, all the friends that are afraid of what will come, all the friends that are left behind, the friendships that seemed end when that particular moment just stopped:

Hi you, my dearest friend

I am so glad that we have came to this realisation, that no matter how far we are going to take this friendship, it will stay here. It will become the memories we always have, might be forgotten but always there. It was awkward for me the first time we separated, maybe there was something wrong maybe there was not. Whatever happened we have continued on our own lives. Getting busy with appointments and works, cannot be bothered, and taking care of our loved ones.

We were strong together, but friendship taught us to be stronger alone. Friendship taught us to stand by ourselves, our friends might not always be there but what they have taught us will always stay. We were very close once upon a time, but it usually is not the same condition in the forever after.

It is very normal and I really enjoyed how our friendship went. Maybe the world ends with whimper, but we end with silence. I'd rather seeing us apart over being awkward. It comforts me to know you are totally fine and having an enjoyable life and I'm sure you are too!

I hope, you meet greater friends and create stronger bonds in your life. I hope you will tell your children how we were such cool kids back then (even if we were not, or maybe I am and you are not, or maybe the other way round :)) ) and when years has passed by, your hair grows white, skin wrinkles and eyes blurred, you will look back and remember how wonderful the memories we created together, how much we have learnt together, and how much we wished we were the way we used to be, and to learn all over again. 

Bon voyage my friends, we might not be as sticky as we used to be, but not all the sugar has gone.


Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Makeups and Facial Care for Beginner

Hey daylings, today I am going to post all things makeup and facial care related for beginners. Starting to take extra care of your skin since high school is a very good way to maintain healthy and beautiful skin. Because you are starting at young age, you do not have to stock loads of beauty products. Before reviewing and listing my all time favourite beauty products for beginner, let's start with one or two (okay, four) things to know:

White skin is not the definition of beautiful 
  This is a very common misconception (especially in Asia, half of the facial soaps slogan is: because beauty is white). You can rock every shade of your skin. All you need is the self confidence and self realisation: I am the definition of class, glam or whatever. I can see how this trend started, long ago, only the wealthiest are able to stay in home all day while the workers work under the sun leaving their skin darker in shade.

Your face is all correct
  Whatever the shape of your nose is, whatever the shape of your lips is, whatever the colour of your eyes are, whatever the whatever you have is, they look perfect on you! (As long as they are not hurting you) It's just how you roll with it that change everything. However, if you still insist that you look better with something else, do it. Remember that the reason for you to change is to boost your confidence, because trends come and go but what you have stay with you forever.
Makeups purpose is to give you a healthier look
 Contrary to popular believe that makeup is to alter your appearance, the truest purpose of makeup is to give you a healthier look. Concealer to conceal your acne, contouring to give you stronger jawline, blush to give you rosy cheeks (good blood flow, etc), and many more. There is nothing wrong with altering your appearance, because makeup can do that and you're harming nobody, so yeah, nothing is against you, just do it.
Don't go cheap on facial care products.
 It's dangerous to do that, a few more dollar spent on facial products are better than a ton of dollar spent on facial surgery or laser.
Now, let's get back into business:
1. To start your facial care, you need to clean your face every morning and every night, before taking shower. Use cleansing milk, they are soft and in liquid form (of course, it is a cleansing milk, not cleansing brick). I personally use and like the Lancome Galateis Douceur, but any other product is okay. Make sure you know your type of skin because some produce different cleansing milk for different skin type. Pour the right amount on your hand, massage it all over your face evenly. Wipe with tissues afterward.

My skin type: combination

The Body Shop: Seaweed Purifying Facial Cleanser ( For combination oily skin)
My favourite, Lancome Galateis Douceur

2. Use face wash. During shower, clean your face with facial soap, not body soap. Again, I use Lancome, but any facial wash should be fine.
3. After getting dressed up and combing your hair, dampen a cotton with Toner and clean your face. The full instruction is located usually at the back of the product. I use The Body Shop (seaweed) toner.

4. Before going out, only before you are going out, use moisturizer and sunscreen. I use The Balm, their products are soft and falls supple to my face. I also do recommend their eyeshadow kits, we will talk about it on another post. Cover the moisturizer and sunscreen with face powders, I recommend The History of WHOO. The powders look very white at first, but after a few dabs, it will merge with your skin colour. 

RECAP: cleansing milk, facial soap, toner, sunscreen*, moisturizer*, powder.
*: optional.

Hello, makeups...

A basic/beginner makeup kit is consist of: eyeliner, lipsticks, powder, makeup remover.

I use The Body Shop liquid eyeliner. Their black eyeliner is the definition of going black and never go back. When using eyeliner, do not draw short stroke over and over, instead draw one long stroke to give a fine thin look.
For lipsticks, I live for Too Cool For School Glam Rock Red Velvet, because my lips are plump already I use lip brush to apply it. Although it look brown purplish on the case, it really is dark red and almost kind of natural on my lips.

At the end, no matter what brands you use, always use the one that fits you perfectly. Different people different products, all of these products may fit me, but that doesn't mean they are good to you too.
After doing all of that for a few weeks, tell me how was your first week of facial care, was it fun, or tiring, and how long does it take? (Me: 15 minutes). Have fun, daylings. x.

Friday, 12 June 2015


Yay, summer has arrived, if anyone know what's that mean, NOT SWIMMING or even anything beach related. I am never such an outgoing person, if there's a chance to not joining sports event, I'll be the first person to give away all my sports equipment, well, give not even sell.

No matter how bad I am at crafting stuffs, craft is always something that I like. I'm a tad awful innit, but that's fine, I love it. Sport is another thing though, no matter how much I hate it, I just hate it. Yeah, hate, hate, hate, hate it.

Many reasons why I hate sport, here are the top 3 why: outdoor, if not, groups/pals, and the last, too much to coordinate. That's why I prefer craft, craft in some way, is like a mini sport: you can do it outdoor if you want to (I prefer indoor, ha), alone or in group if you're chatty (I'm not), something to coordinate, but no peer pressure.

I thought I was a boyish girl, that was until I met crochet. Crochet is like making a slipknot over and over and over again, until you have made something, the idea was fun and I like it. I was really really terrible at first, I couldn't even make a square coaster. (Yes, plain square coaster, no Irish style or whatever it is), but after a year, I managed to finished a short scarf, it was cute, but it took me a ridiculous amount of time to finished it.


Crocheting is a simple activity; it requires simple equipments, if you live in a community that pretty much abandon crafts, you're almost doom, keyword, almost. For the very basic crocheting, you only need two items: hook and yarn. Hooks are sold on crafts shop, and you can find yarn too in there. There are many size of hooks, and to be honest, I too, don't know the size and whatsoever of it. I just know that each yarn has specification of hooks to use. You can ask the employee to find the right size, although you can quite determine which is the right size once you see the yarn and the hook.

There are many type of yarns, I advice you to buy the cheapest one for the first time. You don't know whether you will stay crocheting (for lyfe, like me) or quitting it (like my sister). After gathering the equipment, all you need to do is to search the internet for tutorials.

Youtube is great for video tutorial, and I prefer it when looking for a step by step crochet techniques, instructables is great for step by step pattern.


Living in the 21st century gives us many access to everything we need to know about something, no matter how embarassing it is. Crocheting has been made easier by the webs, and here are the list of most helpful website (for me) for crocheting:

  1. Ravelry :
    • This website is designed for people who loves crochet and knitting. It offers many free pattern, from the easy ones to the difficult ones. You can join a group, add a project, download patterns for free (unlimited), buy a pattern (there are some priced pattern), start a project, buy yarns and many other thing. I find this website very helpful and fun, I could stay for hours in it browsing for coaster patterns.
  2. Craftsy
    • To join this website you must pay, I found the instructors to be very helpful (or at least at youtube, they are), but I don't have any money, so I don't have any hand-on experience on this website. Their platform seems neat-o and sleek. Not sure about the content, but I expect that there are many wonderful things.
  3. Youtube
    • No further explanation needed actually. There are many videos that are really helpful in learning crochet. PlanetJune is great
  4. Instructables
    • This website provide instructions for lots of craft products, it also guide you to start taking up certain crafts. ( Instructables: How to Crochet Basic Amigurumi )
  5. Etsy
    • Just type in cute crochet pattern and voila you found some cute designs.


What matter the most in crocheting for me is to have fun and trying new things, creating something everyday and be productive. Every progress you make is every step you gain to reach a bigger goal.
planetjune (love hearts pattern)

That's all for today, next time, I post some cute and easy patterns!

I've been crazy all day about making an amigurumi, it is my first time and I hope I won't mess it up. I've been spending my entire day trying to perfecting this 'magic ring' and I start to see some shape. *finger crossed though*, how about you guys? Have been picking up a new hobby lately?