Leo and His Oscar

If you don’t know it yet, which I bet you haven’t know because I never talked about it, I am dealing with universities enrolment right now. Like all students around the world, I list top 5 universities I am applying to. There is this one particular university where I applied and successfully entered until the last stage. For this last stage I must score my final exam in flying colours. 

Sadly, the colours weren’t fly enough. So here I am, sulking and chomping the last tub of butterscotch ice cream because I can *sob*. After few minutes, I took a shower and think there. I know how it felt now: to be almost there, but almost is never enough.

Is this what Leo DiCaprio felt???

I used to think that Leo should be thankful that he is already nominated for Oscar although he did not get it. He must had no disappointment, afterall he had been nominated. I was so naïve.

I would say, below is On a Catapult Philosophy.

You can be the DiCaprio. Leo has been nominated for the Oscar for four times, and for that four times he did not win. He must felt heartbroken each time, and being used to it does not mean it hurts any less. 

He is welcoming everyone to be like him

After his first failure, he keep doing his business. He played in good movies and he lost another Oscar, again and again. Until the fifth time, he won it. Critics and viewer are happy unlike some who won but unapproved by the audiences or critics, he won big time.

Losing is uneasy, losing is not fun, losing is not forever, lose battles win the war. Let’s just say that this is your catapult moment, the more you are being pulled back the higher you will rise. Just remember to never lose your sight, to never let it slip and crack you inside.

You are the metallic ball, your lost make you heavy but it pulls you even deeper, your losses help you, just don’t let it get into you.
No matter how small the failure is, it is still a failure *sigh*

Case 2: Akio Morita

Akio Morita is the founder of the giant electronic company Sony. When he was younger he did not pass his final examination. His friend said “it’s okay, you can try again, it’s nothing,” and so on. Akio replied, “No, you don’t know how I feel,” he was devastated. For me, I won’t be able to recover from a failure until few years ahead (when I finally proved the world that I don’t need those who failed me) or unless it changed. Nothing can cure our disappointment of it, unless the condition changes and we get what we want. 

Akio Morita at the end built Sony from scratch and became one of the influencing people in business. It is never too late or too early to be something. Just keep in the faith.

Remember, this is probably not your fifth nomination, so, do your best, study from your past mistakes, be idealistic, be realistic, be the best.


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