DIY : Crisp Leaves for Decoration

You Need :

Leaves (just snap it of off the tree)
Papers (2 max each leaf)
2 - 4 heavy books (Yellow pages thick)

Yo Do :


1. Clean your leaf from dirt or any other objects you don't want to dried of with it. Use damp towel. Let it dry naturally.

2. Put one book on the base and a paper on top

3. Put the leaf on top of the paper and cover it with another paper.

4. Put another book(s) on top of the paper that cover the leaf.

5. Wait for few days.


1. Clean your leaf using damp towel and let it dry naturally

2. Iron it. (I am not sure if the iron might turn green at the bottom if you use it at a very meaty/tender leaves. If you are afraid so, might as well cover the leaves with old/unused thin cloth.

I used to have fun doing this and if you use (I) there might be a hideous smell came outside but it's easily removed by throwing away the paper. Have you ever done this? Or you just straightly buy it?

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