Reasons I Would Not Fit Being a Youtuber

It's not that anyone asked me to be a youtuber, it's just that moment in live when you think of certain reasons why you're not a teletubbies or other similar things.

The first time I heard about youtubers was in seventh grade. I wasn't really fond of them, but then again I followed someone on twitter who was a fan of these several youtubers which name I remember but I'm afraid to say because mistakes mistakes mistakes I don't want to embarass myself. She was a fans of Trinity or was a Trinity, I couldn't remember, ha!

Whatever it was called, the trio youtubers was Hannah Hart Mamrie Hart and Grace Helbig

Hannah Hart

Mamrie Hart

Since that day, I surfed youtube quite a lot and fell in love with few of youtubers. I don't really like all of the youtubers, some of them didn't appeal much for me, some of them are weird and bla bla bla let the list of reasons why I don't like them continue by itself. Back to the topic, shall we?

I was watching Marzia's vlog when a question hit my (was) currently empty brain : Why don't I make videos on youtube and become a youtuber? ,but of course, the question hit my (was) filled with a question brain: Many reasons why you not, kid.

Here are few of them:

1. I am not very fluent of speaking in english

Yes, I understand what you are talking about, and you might as well understand me, but talking in front of a camera in a fast paced english, forget it. I also like to make my own words, like avdient, what does it mean? NOTHING, I DON'T KNOW, I JUST LIKE TO SAY IT. AVDIENT AVDIENT AVDIENT AVDIENT. Can you imagine how bad would it be? Talking to hundreds of people (I'f I'm lucky enough) using the word AVDIENT, which the speaker also don't know what does the word means? That would totally be avdient!

Ew, just no.

2. I only have three expressions, (represented in pic)

a. Happy face

b. Shocked

c. Confused

and probably this is the only face I will have in my video: (which represent embarassed)

3. I'm not that funny

I don't have skills in anything related to funny. Tell me a knock knock joke, it took 231341 minutes for you to explain it until I fully understand and let out a chuckle. JUST A CHUCKLE. When there's a really funny thing I will laugh like the sound of T-rex trying to do chubby bunny. Sad and hopeless.

4. I am too shy

Major reason. No further explanation needed

5. I have no skills in editing and I would speak gibberish, aaandd sorry, I'm too lazy to explain it. 

Sorry this post is lack of pictures,this is the part where the post turned into an avdiently mess. So yeah, bye for now daylings!

Here are few pics of my favorite youtubers :

Edits :
*Holy Trinity, Mamrie Hart, Hannah Hart and Grace Helbig
*Favorite youtubers gallery added (iiSuperwomanii, kingsley, smosh, joe sugg, marcus butler)

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