Summer Sweet Treats : Easy Yoghurt

If you're like me, totally hopeless about cooking then welcome, because this is the right post to channel your inner (non-existence) cook goddess. I won't giving specific measurement, note in mind that every measurement stated here are estimations, after all, I "cook" and "creating" stuffs for fun. So, yeah... Enjoy :

Three Strawberry Layer

I. What you will need
  • Shot glass
  • First layer (bottom) : Strawberry ice cream
  • Second layer (middle) : strawberry , plain yoghurt (unsweetened), white sugar
  • Third layer (top) : strawberry, plain yoghurt (unsweetened), white sugar
  • blueberry, yes, one blueberry
  • sieve 
  • sugar powder (optional, you can use white sugar)
  • banana (optional, this is for decoration)
II. What you're going to do
  1. First layer
    • Scoop a small amount of ice cream using a spoon, put it inside the shot glass, flatten the surface. Try to fill one third of your shot glass with this.
  2. Second layer 
    • Take three big teaspoon of yoghurt and put it inside a bowl
    • Take appr. 3 strawberries and press it to your suave till the juice went down the bowl
    • Mix the strawberry juice and yoghurt.
    • Add sugar as you please ( I use 3 teaspoon)
    • Mix them again
    • The leftover strawberry skin on your suave can be used to change the texture to a bit grainy, which I like.
    • Pour it into the shot glass, I use really small amount so it would look like a barrier between first and third layer 
  3. Third layer
    • Take   5 1/2 big tablespoon of yoghurt and put it inside bowl
    • Take aprr. 4 strawberries and press it to your suave till the juice went down the bowl
    • Mix strawberry juice with yoghurt
    • Add sugar (I use 4 teaspoon)
    • Mix them again
    • If you want chunky texture, take a strawberry and cut it dice, mix with the yoghurt. If you want more strawberry dice you can add as much as you want
    • Pour it into the shot glass until it's almost full.
  4. Freeze it inside the fridge for 30 minutes.
  5. After waiting for 30 minutes, take a blueberry and put it on top. Sprinkle with sugar powder.
  6. Slice your banana very thin and put it next to the blueberry, so the blueberry would be in between.
  7. Freeze it inside the fridge again for 1 hour or until it's cold enough.
  8. Enjoy!

*The second layer is alike juice  in texture, you can replace it with squeezed/sieved strawberry
*The height guide:
*This article is written by someone who can't make fried rice so, it should be easy to make and this is only a rough guide, each measurement is only approximation and you can develop it!

That's all for now [: Happy finding recipes !

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