Lazy Traveller Wrote Lazy Vacation Report

Hey there, I haven't written anything for the past few months, it's because I'm on vacation! I'll write reviews and short report for ya! Enjoy.

Details :
I travelled with my sister and parents, it made us into a group of 2 adults and 2 big kids/teenagers.
The purpose of this vacation, well of course vacation, not business trip or anything else
I have never post any reviews or reports about hotels or certain places, so this is my first one.

I went to Singapore for 5 days and Malaysia for 2 days.
The first 3 days I was in Singapore, I stayed in V Hotel Lavender. The next 2 days I went to Malacca and stayed at Jonker Boutique Hotel, the last 2 days I went back to Singapore and stayed at the same hotel I was.

Airport was clean, the staffs were helpful and nice. They worked fast too.
V Hotel Lavender is located almost directly to the MRT. You only need to take the lift/stair then turn left. Voila, you've met the hotel. We checked in for only one room, but the room is a bit big than I thought resulting in cramped bathroom. When I said quite spacey there are still occasional unintended butt bumps everytime I went back and forth the room.
Clean? Yes the room is clean. The staff are helpful and nice.

Cleanliness : 4*
Location : 5*
Room: 3*
Sleep quality: 5*
Service: 4*

Next to the hotel (less than 1 minute walking) is a canteen/food court. You CAN pay by using particular card OR cash. To buy the card you need to pay S$2.00 and you'll get 10% discount for every food and beverages you buy. No, your money cannot be returned or refunded, so be clever in spending them. You can also pay directly with no discount.

The foods are pretty varied, some of the merchant can't speak english (worst than me to me no habla inglés<-- don't judge me, I use google translate, me no habla espanol? maybe it should be wǒ bù shuō yīngyǔ ) But I would rather go eat outside the food court.

After my 2 days trip in Malacca, I went back to Singapore. We checked into the same hotel, just different room. The room was slightly has better space and the bathroom quite bigger, I still don't know though, is it just what I thought or is it really bigger. Whatever it is, the hotel is decent.


I went to Malacca by bus, I hopped on starmart. It was comfy, the seats are spacey and all of them are massaging chair. The trip lasted about 4 hours, prepare your passport because you're going to went down on the immigration.

We arrived at the city centre (bus and taxi centre also) which is pretty far from any places, wait a minute, every places are far from each other, but the main attractions are mostly located in Jonker. So that's why we chose to stay in Jonker Boutique Hotel.

Jonker Boutique Hotel is an old-house-turned-into-a-hotel hotel, the staffs are nice, and you can easily booked the room from the website. The room is way much bigger than V Hotel, in the middle of the room there's a fan, don't worry, they also have AC.

There's wifi (this is important, ha). Their location is the best, near to tourist attractions and local boutique. Taxi costs RM 20.00 and for an hour or around Malacca RM 40.00 , well, that's the price for the un-metered taxi.

Jonker Hotel :

Cleanliness : 4*
Location : 5*
Room : 5*
Sleep quality : 5*
Service : 5*

I enjoyed the food even though lots of them are similar to my home country, (some are better here) and I often saw my home country heritage (which kind of heated me up) but other than that, it was awesome.

That's all because I'm a pretty below standard reporter. 

* I know this update is kind of boring, I'm preparing for a special review that will come up, hopefully 2 days from now.

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