Hi fellow students!
We are reaching the end of semester, let's prepare ourselves for a long holiday.
What is better than spending an entire holiday binge-watching dramas? NOTHING. I have listed gr8 dramas to watch this holiday, c'mon:

1. Mischievous Kiss
The K-drama where this meme came from
I don't really watch K-dramas, for me most of them are cliches and too melancholy. I prefer light-hearted comedy. I have tried watching Dream High and The Descendants of the Sun or whatever it was, they did not spark any interest in me. Mischievous Kiss is as cliche as most romcoms are but it is too funny to missed. 10/10 would watch, take that from a not-a-K-drama-enthusiast.
They really emphasize the stupidgirlxsmartboy thingy, put that aside and really this drama is perfect.

2. Keeping Up With The Kardashian

Despite how bad the reviews are or how made up this show is, nothing can deny that The Kardashians are one of a kind. It is annoying sometimes seeing how the sisters act (haha) or how pushy their mom is, but KUWTK provide a comedy and your daily thirst of knowing someone's life. ( I do not even know how I ended up liking this series, it's just captivating, p.s.: Kourtney is my fave)

 3.Phineas and Ferb

I only watch few cartoons(and animes) (LIE), my favourites are: Gravity Falls, Totally Spies, and Yakitate!! Japan. Phineas and Ferb is my sister favourite. I enjoyed stories that represent healthy family relationships and good musical numbers. The songs are catchy and silly, that is the part of the charm I guess.

Enjoy your wasted holiday then, daylings!

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