This month the MVOTVM would be LENKA's time to shine, so, those of you that doesn't know her yet, welcome, and let's listen to this beautiful lady marvellous voice.

She is adorably talented and underrated *sigh* and that's why I feel the need to share you my favourite singer. (I have two favourite singer : Cher Lloyd and Lenka)

Do you want to show your parents songs that they'll like, but also YOU like? When the topic is not about sex sex sex (well not all of it, just a tiny spec of it in a few of her songs) and doesn't use wide range and varieties of swearing language? Something that quite of children friendly but also cool enough for teens (by just using the word cool I already ruined the expectation of teenagers out there reading this).

Lenka is the right person, she's an indie singer that is famous for her well known songs : The Show, Trouble is a Friend and Everything at Once, you probs has heard all of these songs before, but don't know yet the singer. She's way much better than the popular songs she sang.

Her collection of groovy (yet another poor choice of words) songs will beam up your smile or doing exactly the opposite of it. You in da mood Lenka is ready to heat you up. (Yes, I know, another poor choice of words/sentences). Whatever, hear her beauts voice in my 5 top songs she sang (either original or cover)
(For my favourite go directly to number 8) :

1. Everything's Okay

Having a bad day? No problemo, Lenka is here to make sure everything's going to be okay... with her song.

2. Monsters

It's like a combination of stay fearless song with less pop annoying voice *cough cough* you know who you are *cough cough* and a blast from the past. Oh and look at that also candy face behind. The ever handsome Trey Lockerbie. Eye candy and Ear candy. Oh, what a great day to spend!

3. Blinded By Love

My personal favourite. It's like a post break up song when you know you messed up badly, but you are still willing to change, to become a better person, because you know, love can blind you

4. Knock Knock

If there's anything too few in music industry I got to say that being thankful of having an understanding lovable and trust-able significant other. Well, if you're planning to sing something for your SO on their special day, this song is here for you.

4. Here to Stay

She always cover interesting music, you should hear all of her covers. They're beautiful.

5. Jump in the Pool

As I say, it's one of the covers she did. So, you better enjoy it or enjoy it. (YES, YOU CAN ONLY ENJOY IT)

6. Anything I'm Not

Someone told me that this song was written when she was in her low point. Well, this one is gold, so yeah not all glitters are gold, but for some pretty rad glitters, you sometime have to sacrifice big.

7. We Will Not Grow Old

My friend didn't know Lenka before, then he heard Anything at Once, and told me that is cray cray amazing. So I told him to hear some of her other songs, include this one. Well, this is his personal favourite.

8. Deep Blue

If I have to pick my favourite Lenka covers, this gotta be it. This song was written by Arcade Fire, and covered by Lenka. The song was lyrically beautiful and her voice is marvellous. Arcade Fire, I wanna thank y'all for releasing this incredibly ear candy song. Hugs and kisses.

So, how about you? Who is your underrated favourite singer? What song should I hear from them?  

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