9 Things in Gravity Falls that Rocks! (Yes, GIFS included)

Hi daylings!

Whoaa... wait. Since when did I call you guys daylings?  Since today apparently, I was wondering what should I nickname my regular readers or potential regular readers, and that name just showed up, a long with a line of : Rebecca Black, Friday, Saturday, ducklings and other things you certainly not interested to hear.

Sorry for long time with no updates, I'm very busy. Like totally, I haven't touch this freaking thing called laptop for more than a week, and today probably the only time I can get online for a couple week. I don't feel the need to be sorry though, I believe you who read this post haven't read anything else from my blog.
(Prove me wrong by telling me you're a regular reader ;-P )

As random as this blog could be, nothing would beat the randomness of Mabel Pines (and other characters in Gravity Falls), which is cute and nowhere near annoying.

Let's start this list of 9 things in Gravity Falls that rocks

1. Themesong

Now we all know there's no such thing as "I swear I don't judge the book by the cover,", but if you do, I'm proud of you. The cover to the book, is like the themesong to the series/movie/film. Gravity Falls themesong is so good I just have to downloaded it.

told you

2. PIG.
Who hates pig in cartoons? No one. Zilch. Zero. None. Especially Wuhdless (Waddles)

I hate people who wear hoodies to be honest, but Mabel Pines. She has some decent hoodies in her wardrobe.Truthful, I am fond of color pink, soft pink to hot pink. Hot pink is very cheesy and I really like to use it when I'm about to prank someone. I use soft pink for my desk decorations, and glitters always come first in my list. Not that kind of glitter you see on bunch of bull-chirping girls.

Right amount of glitters can always bring the best out of everyone, right?

4.Rainbow barf.
Best. barf. Ever.

5. Secret messages they have in *sort of* each episodes.
Totally worth to wait for new episodes.

6. Brother- sisterly love.
It's not about brother or sister that hate each other, they always try to help and let their own need comes second for what they must do together, to make each other happy.

7. Grunkle Stan
What's not to love, an annoying grumpy but sweet and love-caring nature type of grunkle. Typical Mr. Krabs character with less ego and more caring. (Lemme be honest, that I actually don't really know Grunkle Stan's personality, ha!)

8. Dipper and Mabel Pines
Got to love this twin.

9. That book.

Book of Secrets. Perfect birthday present for me :D

That's all, I know 9 things doesn't seem much, actually there's a lot more, so watch the series. No ragrets!
Here's some gifs (and pics)! ;)

I give you virtual props if you can guess what band inspired this group of blondie :)

And after you watch it, tell me who is your favorite character?
a. Soos
b. Mabel
c. Dipper
d. Stan
e. Gideon
f. Other/name

#FallersUnite !

By the way, this isn't going to be the last time I post about Gravity Falls, he he he


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