5 Incredibly Funny (Maybe) Shows You Need to Watch This Summer

Yesterday I dished you out my five top mini games, today, I'll be giving you top shows to watch. I'm a fan of comedic shows or at least something that sparky and scream cheesy all over it. Not all of my fave shows are cheesy (I hope), they're just plain good and amazing. Here are the top 5 :

1. Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23

This show is the bomb diggity, it's funny, simple plot with bright characters. My favourite is Chloe, the b---- she's all about the typical b---- , backstabbing her friend? No. Just manipulating them. The cute thing is, I don't feel any angst at her.

No matter how b----y she is, there's always something to love about her. Her snarkiness? I don't know. Sad thing is, the show is cancelled.

2. Suburgatory

I don't know if this show really depict the life in suburbs, which I'm pretty sure is not as rad as this. Tessa is a new girl in the suburbs with her father who is a single parent. Follow their journey as they dealing lifes in their new neighbourhood.

3. Kyle XY

This. Is. Madness. I really love the show, especially Jessi XX , the main character is Kyle, a clone (?) or super smart guy (I'll never know which because THEY CANCELLED THE SHOW) learning how to be a normal person.

Then, he faced love, then random events that might reveal his past, then he met another girl. Then chaos, then they discovered they're probably lovers ( AGAIN, I DON'T KNOW WILL THEY BE TOGETHER OR NOT, THANKS TO THE PEOPLE WHO CANCELLED THE SHOW), then they worked together, then he met his oh my pancakes, half-blood-related (?) brother. I just bloody don't know.

The point is, this show is amazing, it deserved this hashtag : #FANTAMAZING

4. Sanctuary

This show is going to hit you right in the feeling if you're looking for light-weighted story with incredible creatures inside. I love it, so much.

5. Warehouse 13

The best thing about Warehouse is, the way they combine sci-fi with history and makes you wonder, could weird things like that actually exist. My fave is Claudia, she's funny and sarcastic (maybe, I'm not sure). A bit of romance, lots of action/drama/comedy. Love it! (First time I watch it, I thought it was season 13 already, haha)

You know what, most of my favourite shows are always cancelled. *sigh*
from : Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23

So, how about you? What's your fave TV shows? Any recommendations? What do you think of my faves? [:

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