10 Tips for Fashion Scavenging, Hunting, and Wearing

There’s a moment, when a discount is not started with the number 2 or 3, but 5 and up, and no, not just a number, it is consist of two numbers! 50% and its higher rank friends. In the moment like this, every woman/girl (and man/boy) in this world turned into a shopazilla.

Worse than shopaholic, this species is the top in the nature, the highest and undefeatable. They’re on a massive fight to won the ultimate prize, the discounted item on sales, in the lowest price and fastest time.
Their fights are real.

To be the one of the bests, here are 10 tips and tricks to fasten and smarten your fashion hunt :

  1. Use neutral-coloured tank top and short. Fitting rooms are always full, don’t join the crowd. By wearing white or other neutral coloured garments you are saving your time. The more time you save the more clothes you’ll get. By wearing neutral color tank tops you can directly try the clothes without going inside the fitting room.
  2.  If you must go inside the fitting room and not certain of which size you are, bring two most possible size you think will fit you. (If you’re trying some pants, please, go inside the fitting room rather than trying it on directly in front of others, ew)
  3. Don’t force yourself to fit in into garments you’ve tried. They made lots of size for a reason, and squeezing yourself inside one that doesn't fit is not it.
  4. Avoid wearing jackets or boots. Wearing outerwear will only complicate you from trying (and saving time) for trying potential new clothes inside your wardrobe. Avoid boots and sneakers or anything with laces, they’re pretty tricky and difficult to be removed or untied, replace them with flats or flip flops, there are a lot of stylish ones nowadays. Oh, and don’t wear heels, they’ll tire you up.
    fit flops
  5. Bring backpack instead of handbag. After you purchased the wanted garments, put it inside backpack, it will ease yourself to hunt for another piece of clothing rather than holding each bag on your hands.
  6. We’re hunting for clothes and their apprentices, not showing them. I suggest to remove any accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, sunglasses. They’ll slow you down.
  7. If it is possible, bring a trustworthy friend with good and same fashion sense with you. When you wait in the line, your friends can searched for other piece of clothing to try. (NOT FOR SNEAKING TO THE LINE)
  8. Always try the garments you want to buy, double check the item before you pay. Big sales often have their outfits on the worst condition.
  9. Search on the web about shop or certain fashion line you’re hoping to have sales on specified dates. Route it up on the map ( you can use google map) so you can save your time and money by choosing the right track or streets, rather than going back and forth. Maximize the amount of shops visited, minimized the time you need.
  10.  Factory Outlets are one of the great options to buy lots of cheap branded apparels.

**Please remember that this article is not written by a professional Outfit Hunters. The writer hasn't achieved a diploma in outfit hunting 101.

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