Nature's Acne Remover

Removing pimple doesn't need latest acne remover product, all you need to do is clean your face daily with face soap and garlic. Yes, garlic. 

1. Take a peeled garlic and cut it into two. With the garlic flesh direction on your face, press it into your acne. Do this at night and don't wash your acne area after pressing and rubbing the garlic on your acne.

2. Left it smelly like that. The rest of the garlic you can keep it in a small bowl to use next time or the next day. So now you have a smelly acne. Just a smelly acne, not a smelly acne with half of garlic on top. You dab the garlic, not glueing it onto your face.

3. Now with your smelly face, you're off to your night activity, avoid outdoor. Stay in your house, watch some movies, surf the internet, stalk someone account, or whatever you do at night, after five or six minutes, wash your face with water and done. That's all you need to do. Then you can continue your night activities.

4. Repeat the treatment until your acne is gone.

I always use garlic to treat my acne. It's effective and cheap way to remove those unwelcomed guests. The difference of how I apply it with this one is that I let the garlic juice on my face till the next morning, but I've heard that it would burn your face and turn it red. It doesn't happen to me. Maybe my skin is very strong *and beautiful, I hope*

For a proper instruction check eHow

What about you guys, what's your favourite alternative treatment for acne?


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