5 Fun (and Free) Mini Games to Play

Playing a long quest can be fun, but it's engaging and too interesting to left behind when holiday is over. That's why minigames is our mates, they are easy, fun, fast and not too binding. The problem is for a diamond to be discovered you have to dig some gravels first, and here I am, ditching the dirts up, leaving you with discovered gems.

There are lots of site that provides you with fun mini games, I have sorted them up, searching for their best treasure. Here they are :

1. Feed the King -juicybeast //Kongregate

This one simple game yet so addicting. The concept is wide-known and there are lots of games like this, but the way this game visualized it is so interesting. The graphic are pretty, no glitch in the animation, incredible view and background, oh don't forget to read the comments, they're funny.

[Game : E , Comments: PG]

2.This is Why You're Fat: In Sixty Seconds - domreinalabster //Kongregate

Ha ha, simple shooting game, with almost no rules. Forget those shooting games that doesn't let you shoot other things, this game is meant for you shooting everything that walk and sounds like turkey. Yes, there's lots of blood.

What can I do? This is a Thanksgiving game, so...

The song is funny, the picture of the turkey doesn't really resemble the real life ones, so it is kind of 'friendly' and not gorey at all. In fact, it doesn't make me want to be a serial turkey killers at all.

[Games: PG , Comments: PG]

3.Papa's Freezeria - FliplineStudio //Kongregate

A dinnerdash kind of games, with more of cooking, just take the receipt and do what it said. Fun and time killing game. There's lots of the series too! You can play Papa's Pizzeria, Papa's Taco Mia and more. Each game has it own mini adventure and different actions to do. Fun Fun Fun

[Games: E, Comments: PG]

4. Wedding Troubles //BonnieGames

BonnieGames is the classic! Wedding Troubles is the secret weapon, it is a very cute and fun game, a girly one also, but the mini games are 5 stars, each section has different mini games and yes, mini games. Not ONE, but many. Check it out for yourself. (Don't worry, you gotta choose the language at the start)

There's also Christmas Dinner, which has similar concept but also fun, try them both!

[Games: E]

5. Piano Bar //y8

Music game, this one has 'story' in it, well, okay, maybe it's just about picking up a girl using music talent. But this game is pretty funny... and fun.

[Games: E, Comments: PG]

And my favorite all time is (are) : Christmas Dinner and This is Why You're Fat , it's a tie between those two, haha!

That's all and enjoy the game 

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