Sweet Christmas

It's already the 3rd week, and I think it's time to post this before it's too late. This set is everything I want (to buy and to dress) in Christmas. Especially that wonderful Christmas dinner that I think my family used to had (wait a minute, we don't) not. But it would look lovely if I could wear this (or even just to buy, in this case).

Well, what does your christmas party outfits look like? (:

(ps : I heard that purple eyeliner makes your eyes look bigger, or is it mascara? Hmm...)

Christmas Set 1

Voulez Vous brown shirt
$57 - dorothyperkins.com

Isabel Marant pull on pants

High heel boots
$43 - newlook.com

Chain jewelry

Shu uemura eyeshadow
$18 - liberty.co.uk

Aéropostale lips makeup

Nail polish
$22 - thehut.com

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