My first Ring and Necklace

If I ever write 25 facts about me, I certainly will write about my endless passionate towards jewelleries. It's not like I know much about high quality and top brands of accessories, I just like anything that *maybe* looks good at me.

Because I'm not yet an independent lady who lives by myself, I couldn't spend generous amount of money to buy bags and bags full of jewelleries. But, I'm slowly getting there, I might not ended up become old cat lady, but old jewellery lady and I'm sure I'm going to enjoy it (or regret this sentence later on).

I used to have a beautiful necklace but I gave it to my best friend as her birthday present. Now, the only necklace I have that is branded was from topshop.

My favourite piece right now is my ring. It's made of silver and its eyes are red. It's very charming and hypnotising.

These are how they look :

Topshop Necklace - (I forgot the name but let it be : double arrow long necklace)
This Topshop necklace is very long on me, it almost reach my bellybutton. But the stones they use are wonderful, the colours suite my white crop top that I just bought late this December. Can't wait to buy another necklace! :)

When I bought this ring, the diameter was too big for my finger, but I really like the shape and the materials, it's also handmade. Another plus point : local made. Because it was handmade, there's only one ring that look like that was made (there) (I don't know if there are any mass-produced ones like this). It wasn't cheap but deffo worth it.

The ring material is silver, so I need to clean it with soap regularly.

I also had another necklace, I bought in Murano, it was colourful, cheerful, and handmade (I bought the original one) but it fell and broke into pieces. It happened during a vacation and in the middle of dinner, so can you imagine how I felt? (For you who have no clue at all : brokenhearted.)

To be honest, I couldn't see any big difference between the fake Murano and the real ones, but it's certainly better to buy the real ones, even though they're pricey. Murano necklace can spark up a plain shirt. I wear it with a teal green knit top, and they suited perfectly
My necklace look like this, but not this one. Image belong to its owner, I found it on google image.

Wonderful, eh?

How about you, what's your first jewellery? Do you still have it? (:

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