This post is NOT giving giveaways, this post is me ASKING about GIVEAWAYS. That's why this post is going to be short. I hope anyone who is reading this would comment, because every basic and obvious things about giveaways that you comment would be new things for me.

I always interested in giveaways, the only thing I know about them are, they're things that given to people who participate in I don't know what. I don't understand what should you do and many others just to get the giveaways. Here are the questions I have :

  1. How to enter giveaways?
  2. Do you get charged to enter it?
  3. How much does the shipping cost? Does it depends on the postal things and others, or is it already paid by the organizer?
That's all, I hope you guys would help me, oh and other things : just comment about any other basic and important knowledge about giveaways. 


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