13 Things I've Learnt in 2013

So yeah, this is my first post ever in blogspot (even though I'm pretty sure I have a former blog, which maybe I wrote a post on it, and totally forget about it, until well, until I mentioned it in here? Nevermind).
Guys, it's almost end of they beautifully, wonderful, shopisticated 2013. Where I discovered lots of new things and realised even more things. Cut the nonsense and... HERE IT IS 13 THINGS I'VE LEARNT IN 2013
(Who's excited? Nah, me too...)

  1. You might be the best, but it's not all the time .I admitted I used to be good at some things and now, I realised how poorly I knew it and it literally (no) opened my brain. Now I am more open at new things and accepting myself. I am trying to be good at it again, so wish me luck.
  2. Don't be afraid. This one is hard, and I'm still trying to do it. I am very very very very afraid of cockroaches. But, who doesn't ?
    you filthy little creatures
  3. Turned out I love shopping, clothes, fashion and anything smells like it (or related with it). One of my followers were using polyvore, and I checked it out, and fell in love with it! And when I was much younger, I used to play fashion design, salon, stylist and lots! So I instantly hyped when I signed into polyvore. Check it out by the way : http://garlicbrats.polyvore.com/ (sometime I posted good stuffs there, whilst other time I may posted chaotic chaos hahah)
    one of my sets heheh *blushed*
  4. I like youtubers. I just found out lots of youtubers by few days ago. Thanks to ask.fm where one of person I followed answered a question about a youtuber, and I checked her out. She's funny, and I checked the other, and the other, and the list goes on!
  5. My family is everything. Yes, sometimes they're super annoying, but but but but but they are lovely and I couldn't imagine live without them, well one day maybe I will, but not now *pout pout*. Some experiences I had in 2013 just bonded my fam and me more!
  6. I like baked beans. I never thought of it before! But I like it :D
  7. I maybe or maybe not good at singing. I failed a lot in singing, if my teacher ever told me to sing, I'll fail terribly. But when I sing not in school I did it marvelously marvelous.
  8. I might regret the username and et cetera of this blog later on. Because I just do.
  9. My hobby is collecting bracelets and necklaces. I don't collect earrings because I don't have any earring holes. Whatever it's called.
    how beautiful is this? :D
  10. I have addiction towards UK. Everything about them is soooo interesting, from singer *cough * Cher Lloyd *cough* to youtubers *cough* all of them *cough* . Their brands too.
  11. Duck Dynasty is funny. I knew Cher liked it, and I thought it would be boring, either I tried to watch it and BAM no one surprised. I like it. The same with TWL. The Wanted Life is so good I like it, they're funny, sad I didn't follow their musics (either with other british singers, I only followed few of them, VERY FEW)
  12. I love cartoons. Mainly : Phineas and Ferb, Regular Show, and Gravity Falls.
  13. I can't stand tumblr.
    Ha! Funny man.
How about you? Any stuff you learnt in 2013 ? Leave some comment!

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