Makeups and Facial Care for Beginner

Hey daylings, today I am going to post all things makeup and facial care related for beginners. Starting to take extra care of your skin since high school is a very good way to maintain healthy and beautiful skin. Because you are starting at young age, you do not have to stock loads of beauty products. Before reviewing and listing my all time favourite beauty products for beginner, let's start with one or two (okay, four) things to know:

White skin is not the definition of beautiful 
  This is a very common misconception (especially in Asia, half of the facial soaps slogan is: because beauty is white). You can rock every shade of your skin. All you need is the self confidence and self realisation: I am the definition of class, glam or whatever. I can see how this trend started, long ago, only the wealthiest are able to stay in home all day while the workers work under the sun leaving their skin darker in shade.

Your face is all correct
  Whatever the shape of your nose is, whatever the shape of your lips is, whatever the colour of your eyes are, whatever the whatever you have is, they look perfect on you! (As long as they are not hurting you) It's just how you roll with it that change everything. However, if you still insist that you look better with something else, do it. Remember that the reason for you to change is to boost your confidence, because trends come and go but what you have stay with you forever.
Makeups purpose is to give you a healthier look
 Contrary to popular believe that makeup is to alter your appearance, the truest purpose of makeup is to give you a healthier look. Concealer to conceal your acne, contouring to give you stronger jawline, blush to give you rosy cheeks (good blood flow, etc), and many more. There is nothing wrong with altering your appearance, because makeup can do that and you're harming nobody, so yeah, nothing is against you, just do it.
Don't go cheap on facial care products.
 It's dangerous to do that, a few more dollar spent on facial products are better than a ton of dollar spent on facial surgery or laser.
Now, let's get back into business:
1. To start your facial care, you need to clean your face every morning and every night, before taking shower. Use cleansing milk, they are soft and in liquid form (of course, it is a cleansing milk, not cleansing brick). I personally use and like the Lancome Galateis Douceur, but any other product is okay. Make sure you know your type of skin because some produce different cleansing milk for different skin type. Pour the right amount on your hand, massage it all over your face evenly. Wipe with tissues afterward.

My skin type: combination

The Body Shop: Seaweed Purifying Facial Cleanser ( For combination oily skin)
My favourite, Lancome Galateis Douceur

2. Use face wash. During shower, clean your face with facial soap, not body soap. Again, I use Lancome, but any facial wash should be fine.
3. After getting dressed up and combing your hair, dampen a cotton with Toner and clean your face. The full instruction is located usually at the back of the product. I use The Body Shop (seaweed) toner.

4. Before going out, only before you are going out, use moisturizer and sunscreen. I use The Balm, their products are soft and falls supple to my face. I also do recommend their eyeshadow kits, we will talk about it on another post. Cover the moisturizer and sunscreen with face powders, I recommend The History of WHOO. The powders look very white at first, but after a few dabs, it will merge with your skin colour. 

RECAP: cleansing milk, facial soap, toner, sunscreen*, moisturizer*, powder.
*: optional.

Hello, makeups...

A basic/beginner makeup kit is consist of: eyeliner, lipsticks, powder, makeup remover.

I use The Body Shop liquid eyeliner. Their black eyeliner is the definition of going black and never go back. When using eyeliner, do not draw short stroke over and over, instead draw one long stroke to give a fine thin look.
For lipsticks, I live for Too Cool For School Glam Rock Red Velvet, because my lips are plump already I use lip brush to apply it. Although it look brown purplish on the case, it really is dark red and almost kind of natural on my lips.

At the end, no matter what brands you use, always use the one that fits you perfectly. Different people different products, all of these products may fit me, but that doesn't mean they are good to you too.
After doing all of that for a few weeks, tell me how was your first week of facial care, was it fun, or tiring, and how long does it take? (Me: 15 minutes). Have fun, daylings. x.

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