This holiday I went to Turkey, Scotland, UK, and Hong Kong. I have been traveling a lot with my family. If there's anything my dad knows the best in how to plan a vacation. So here's the tips and tricks.


Preparing is never the fun part of having a vacation, all those clothes to pack, the itinerary, hotel bookings etcetera etcetera, but we all have to go through that. Here's the planner :

1. Collect travel agencies package planner
Yes, we are planning our own vacation, but we do not know anything about everything there. So the best plan to do is to make a rough plan using an experienced visitors plan. Collect the brochures with itinerary which fits you, whether it's Wonderful England or American Holiday. 
Keep this itinerary and learn about it. When we finally decide the best itinerary to use, here come the problems:
a. They use travel bus, we use foot. Here's to consider, if you are travelling between states rent a car. Experiencing holiday is on another level when you rent a car. Remember to have your driving license ready. Book cars from : Alamo, Hertz, Enterprise and so on. Enterprise is reliable as my parents usually rent cars from them, but you can check google to find the most suitable one.

b. They eat at such short intervals. Breakfast and lunch? Who needs that? Well, I don't. Check restaurants through sites or checking around malls. Malls are mostly filled with chain-restaurants, but there are local chains. Try them. (Or make a personal mission to eat KFCs from all around the world)

c. Travel agencies take care of all the needs, which include tickets and payment. Make sure to check website to check the price of each attractions and promotions available during certain time. Bring credit cards and enough cash. Make early bookings to keep your room.


Long flights will cause dizziness and jet-lag, the least you can do to prevent it (I think) is to manage your sleeping during flight. Sleep around the latest eight before hours arriving if you are arriving early in the morning; do not sleep for the last twelve hours if you are arriving late in the afternoon.

Take extra rest if needed, do not over-estimate yourself. Traveling is about to have fun. Don't stress yourself.


Always remember to return the rent car on time. Remember to check the route via GPS or tourist information so you will not get lost and can estimate how long will it takes to arrive at the airport or to pack up your bags.


  1. Download at least 2 online maps to assist your travel. GoogleMaps is necessary.
  2. Download the public transport app if you are planning to take one.
  3. Download the traveling apps to book or compare prices. Kayak and works the best.
  4. Use backpacks when using airplanes, you'll bring more stuffs that you need.
  5. If you decide to blend in with the crowd, check youtubers video of the destination country and check the people on the background (what they wear, what they bring, what they do, etc)
  6. Put valuables inside the bag you bring with you (not the luggage) because the airport workers tend to throw luggage or anything on their hands.
  7. Always check the price, tourist are overpriced all the time. (and sometimes there's nothing you can do about it)
  8. Always bring your passport.


  1. Backpack (use a small one to camouflage with locals, big one if you're the tourleader of this not tour)
  2. Hats (You'll never know)
  3. Cellphone (This one is pretty obvious)
  4. Sandals (Carpets are dirty, sometimes you have to leave your sneakers behind and use ultra comfy and damage proof sandals)
  5. Small umbrella (very useful)

*will be edited later*

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