STATIONERY #1: Guides to Buy Stationery

Hey daylings, if there is a thing that can lift up my mood (beside window shopping for clothes and yarns), it is stationery shopping spree! Ah, the smell of papers, colour of newly blotted pens, variety of highlighter, the confusion that pop out every time you have to choose between two almost identical pencils. 

My love for stationery is endless...

Okay, today, I am going to explain to you guys: how to choose stationery.

1. Decide what you want to buy first.

Write a list of how many you need it, when you need it, what is your preferred brand, and how long can each stationery lasts. 

2. Look for quality, not price.

You will use that stationery for quite a long time, especially pens and pencils. Do not think cheap, think smart.

3. Look for your needs, not the discount.

That 12 for $12 might sound very interesting until you realise you are not going to use that much scissors in your life. Seriously, if you plan to buy 3 pens, go buy the twelve ones I don't care, but the 2 of a dozen packs? Please.

4. DO NOT compare prices between your hometown and where you currently lives (unless you will be home soon, or you have the chance to buy there, THEN COMPARE).

That's why you need to know when and how important you need the things. If you are living overseas right now, don't compare with your hometown prices. It will only bring you pain (whether later in your hometown, or here in where you stand)

5. Make sure you know what promo are available.

BUT make sure you check if there's any promo.

6. Check if the price online is cheaper or not (If they offer online shopping), and if you are eligible for free shipping.

You know it.

This post is very basic, but you need to know first what you are looking for. That's the important part for a heavenly visit to the nearest stationery stores.

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