About Friendship.

Last night, I attended my high school prom. I wore the most basic dress I've ever own, it was shell pink but I was looking cool as hell! The problem was, I never thought that the students of my school would be so Americanized. They were giving all for this event. The girls made their own dresses, the boys wore suits and ties like they were born wearing them. So I ended up looking like the little sister who was with her older sis and her friends because mum can't keep an eye on me.

The event was kind of OK, it went along so well, the MCs were nice and funny and the teachers were entertained. At the end of the prom, the MCs asked for the technician to turn of the lamps and invited the attendees to step forward and thanked or apologized to anyone in particular.

A girl asked for forgiveness from her friends who avoid her, saying sorry if she had done anything wrong. And it made me remember my group of friends.

We were formed in eighth or ninth grade. Each of us are different and I somehow don't even understand why we can be together. There are the rebellious painter, beauty queen, walking radio, walking honk, cabbage patch kid irl, aspiring dancer, shy fashionista, book worm, thirsty af, and idk how to explain? blank blank maybe?. Our bond was so tight, we were never seen without each other, we do not talk behind each other back and if we have problems with each other, we confront, deal, and finish it.

After a year however, our friendship was loosened up. I was alone in my new class, each of my friends started a new friendship, which is, very normal. The day has came to admit that we are not as tight as we were. Sometimes we tried hard to reconnect, we do still very close till these days although some of us might have left almost entirely. Some of us might have worn a 'friendship bracelet' from their another group and that's just it.

Here is an open letter, to represent all the friendships that seems loosen up, all the friends that are afraid of what will come, all the friends that are left behind, the friendships that seemed end when that particular moment just stopped:

Hi you, my dearest friend

I am so glad that we have came to this realisation, that no matter how far we are going to take this friendship, it will stay here. It will become the memories we always have, might be forgotten but always there. It was awkward for me the first time we separated, maybe there was something wrong maybe there was not. Whatever happened we have continued on our own lives. Getting busy with appointments and works, cannot be bothered, and taking care of our loved ones.

We were strong together, but friendship taught us to be stronger alone. Friendship taught us to stand by ourselves, our friends might not always be there but what they have taught us will always stay. We were very close once upon a time, but it usually is not the same condition in the forever after.

It is very normal and I really enjoyed how our friendship went. Maybe the world ends with whimper, but we end with silence. I'd rather seeing us apart over being awkward. It comforts me to know you are totally fine and having an enjoyable life and I'm sure you are too!

I hope, you meet greater friends and create stronger bonds in your life. I hope you will tell your children how we were such cool kids back then (even if we were not, or maybe I am and you are not, or maybe the other way round :)) ) and when years has passed by, your hair grows white, skin wrinkles and eyes blurred, you will look back and remember how wonderful the memories we created together, how much we have learnt together, and how much we wished we were the way we used to be, and to learn all over again. 

Bon voyage my friends, we might not be as sticky as we used to be, but not all the sugar has gone.


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