My New Year (and Christmas) Nail

As I said or promise before, I'm going to post this. I know that it's VERY late to post this, but what can I say? I really like my nail this time so I want to share you my happiness, I had a chance to post today, because there's no exam tomorrow. (:

Without further ado :
mind my fingers :P

I know I didn't do it pretty tidy, but it was way much better than the first time I've tried. I am really hyper , so  after I put the nail polish on, I move around and ruin everything, in order to achieve the kind of result above, I need about 7 times, of course not in a day ( I would feel guilty for using so much nail polish in a day if I do that), it was on the third day I finally got the look. Yeah!

Here it is the step by step :

1. Colour all the nails red, I use 575 flirty red
2. Colour some nails in gold polish, I use 525 bubbly gold

The gold colour is pretty, and better if you used dark colour for the base before applying it.

I really like the colours of both of these nail polish, they're so soft and deep. The dark red made my nails look long and thin, and I wouldn't recommend using the gold nail polish alone, it isn't really good and when you combined it with red as the base, you'll get this red-ish gold which will sort of reflect red color when the lights hit your nails. (But I still think that the red reflection is from the cushion under my hand.

The dark red reminded me of christmas and I was going to did it before christmas, but then there's no time, and I finally did it like on 29th of December, then it struck me Christmas has already left, why don't add some sparkly colour to celebrate this new year? I added the gold on top of the red. It was clearly a good decision.

575 Flirty Red
522 Bubbly Gold 

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