MVOTM will started regularly when I move to my new home, where the signal reception would be better, so I can surf up youtube. (I will move to my new house in March or July I think)

This week, many sad and happy moments in the same time there are also plain weird or exciting  things happened. No matter what it felt, everyday I always make new memories, I'll treasure the lessons I've got and just remember the good parts.

Even if I don't enjoy it. Sometime the memory I had not always as sweet as sugar. When it's a gloomy or a bad day, I feel break down and shattered into million pieces, I usually don't stand up straight ahead, because I feel weak, and if I did stand up straight ahead, I'm afraid I might fall twice, and lose all things left in me.

There's no way you never felt sad, or having bad times, they're always there. They might not come from friends, family or strangers. Sad doesn't always mean you're being bullied by someone, it can be what you saw that day, the heart shattering moments that happened to others (people or any other living things or even dead things), your own fear, your long time regrets, and the list goes on.

Sad things happened for lots of reasons, to be honest they motivated me to do harder in life, to be nicer and appreciate life, no matter what, it always motivate me so I can do something that can change people life (or any other creatures).

There are few times when I feel super down, after seeing terrible things happened to living things, or after having a big fight (it doesn't always happened because of relationships you know, you can just fight the doubt in yourself) and I just realised I might lose this one, or maybe I already lose after all, This January, I need some lift up and knew that some songs in my playlist can set and change my entire sad mind, I want to share it all to you.

Below this paragraph, I put three top songs that bring my spirits up high in the sky. From the slow to the pop ones to the inbetween. It would be a countdown, and hope you enjoyed it.

3. Tich - Little by Little

2. It's All Good - Cher Lloyd and Ne-Yo

1. After the Winter - Lenka

That's all, and by the way, when you experienced bad experience, I know you silently know that it motivated you to do something to make the world or yourself better. (; . What's your idea to make the world or yourself better? xx

*Might edit this post later*

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