25 Facts About Me

Hiii, before 2014 starts, I want to post this post (hahah, I like what I just did) : 25 Facts about Me. Yaaay, another post which is boring fun! Yay yay yay. Uhh.. let's start :

  1. I collect jewelleries, but I currently only have about 5 necklaces and a ring, and I broke my only bracelet.
  2. I'm a hardcore cartoon fans, especially Regular Show, Gravity Falls, Phineas and Ferb, and The Amazing World of Gumball, still I am not very fond of Adventure Time
  3. I hate Spongebob Squarepants, yes, that's a strong word, hate. He irritate me so much.
  4. I'm afraid of height THAT RELATED water. When I play rollercoaster or bungee jumping, I don't feel it, but when I'm about to jump for swimming, there it comes. Sigh.
  5. I collect rocks/stones. I literally pick up any stones near me, some of my collection are valuable, while the other are rubbish.
  6. I love chocolate. Who doesn't? Hahah
  7. Once I dipped sausages into chocolate sauce. Definitely one of the best moments I have.
  8. I can use chopsticks. Yay.
  9. When I was younger, I challenged my friend to eat pudding using chopsticks, I ended up eating a pudding using chopsticks too.
  10. I thought a ghost stroke me when I was younger, turns out it was just my sister. Sigh.
  11. I don't watch horror movies. I think horror movies are waste of time, while comedy is the other way round.
  12. I can't stand spicy food
  13. My favorite emoticon --> :))
  14. My favorite emojis are the monkey ones. They look funny, and playful ahaha
  15. I once spit out mangoes chunk using my nose. If you guys want to know, just comment and I might post the story of how it happened, a short post it would be though.
  16. There's no 90's cartoon that I really like. I haven't found any.
  17. I love pixel arts. It doesn't mean I'm good at it.
  18. I am right-handed. Wow, what a surprise...
  19. I wear glasses, and used to wear braces
  20. My favorite superheroes/villains always change.
  21. My favorite singers are Cher Lloyd, Sara Bareilles, Lenka. There's still a lot more, but that's a few
  22. My favorite fruit is blueberry. Mangoes and Dragon fruit sometimes.
  23. My favorite colour always change, but currently : soft pink or blue.
  24. My favorite brands of clothing : newlook. But I'm not picky (:
  25. I like my hair short, but I want to have long hair. But I know long hair look terrible on me, but I really want to braid my hair. Still my favorite style of hair is the short one. What should I do? What should I dooooo

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