20 Things To Know

  1. Mistakes are not preventable, you will always make one
  2. No matter how bad you are right now, everything will be okay
  3. No one will hate you forever for saying the truth
  4. Everyone deserves the truth, just say it.
  5. Don't ever make fun of someone that loves you
  6. Pet dogs
  7. Take naps for once in a while
  8. Pet animals
  9. Don't be meanies 
  10. Don't be too kind, know boundaries. If you're too kind and started to mistreating yourself, back off and start over again, you don't want to be used.
  11. Do random dances if you feel sad, it might help
  12. Feeling like a hot mess right now? take one big breath, drink some water and continue whatever you're doing
  13. Failing a thousand time is okay, stop when you know it's enough. Make a new start, it's not about you stop trying, it's about understanding your limit, ask for help, start new things
  14. It's never too late to start something, or end it.
  15. Crying is beautiful, smiling is beautiful, Pain is not. So cry, and get yourself out of the problem
  16. Problem is temporary, so does happiness, it's a never ending cycle,
  17. People is okay
  18. You don't have to give everyone second chance
  19. It is okay to give someone his/her/their 74th chance
  20. Keep our earth happy and clean

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