Hey, today is about personal, so you can skip this post if you're not interested (as if you're interested to my other post, haha) Lately I have been unhappy? I don't know, I just don't feel good. Things haven't been quite well for me these days. Studies are consuming lots of time, future need to be settled down and packing things up for upcoming exams. 

I feel of losing all my personal interest of anything. All I want to do is sleep, or eat. It's getting worse I think. I don't know, I just don't feel good. So I put on some songs of Lenka and it cheered me up. Still, I feel weird and so many feelings that is not good. I am overwhelmed.

I think looking at funny gifs or posts would make my days better, didn't at all. I feel weird. I feel so many feelings. I am overwhelmed.

So I took some gifs and shared it with you guys, because I am just that confused of myself. Tune up for upcoming more bubbly post [:

Anaconda is my currently favourite music video, because it's just plain funny, I know it's a bit inappropriate and stuff, but hey, it 's all cute right? Haha, bum cheeks. Oh, and the last two gifs are from Cher's MV. 

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