Guide 02 : How To Pop Your Natural Coloured Bag

Mulberry round top

Short shorts

Wet Seal flat sandals

Banana Republic clutch

Natural bags are the reason why our family hasn't called us tacky yet, (hide you my lovely neon coloured bags, if I have any), soft/neutral coloured bags have weakness, which is, blending in. 

They look feminine, elegant and everything else, but, they blend in. So, how to pop them out? Wear a different neutral coloured clothes, or popping one as well. Just make sure your entire outfit has the similar/same colour (That's why I prefer another neutral colour, as they're easier for the eyes).

Then, you can wear your ever natural coloured bag in, of course, mesmerizing way. Woo everyone by being neutral, that pops out.

Other than that, don't be scared to experiment and enjoy your fashion mix and matching! Comment down below on what would you do to pop your neutral bags out!

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