Basic Fashion Guide 1: HOW TO WEAR YOUR CROP TOP

Guide 01

ONLY short sleeve shirt
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Express denim legging

So, this is my first Basic Fashion Guide post, today I will tell you how to pair your favourite crop top, since it's a basic guide, then it won't be long. I don't like reading too many and too long sentences in a post. 

There's no law in wearing your favourite crop top, but sometimes, you want to wear it in family events, where your aunties are conservationist who hate this generation.

Pair your crop top with high waist to give smart and fresh looks. Rather than wearing short that's too open up for some people, high waist will hide your skin. 

The pros of wearing crop top with high waist are:-Suits better in every occasions-Giving clean, fresh, and smart look rather than pairing it with short-Those judgmental people won't say you're too open here and there-Older/Conservationist wouldn't judge you, or at least, judge you nicer

Happy fashion hunting my daylings, and don't forget, don't be scared experimenting your wardrobe choices!

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