March has just  ended. Nothing more good than celebrating this "funny" month with fun sassy sad ballad quirky pop, anything.  For me, March is just another month for exam-filled schedule, but one month closer to end of school year.
 And I have a special birthday to attend that month.

 Ugh, I'm worst at writing intro, So here there are 5 MVOTM:

 1. Dark Horse-Katy Perry

 I "hate" the reff part. You're waiting for a hyper music, but it just get low again. SO DOPE

 2.Thunder-Jessie J

I just checked it out and  bam! I luv luv it

3.Nothing Here But Love- Lenka

 Ahh nothing better than sweet sound of Lenka, the sound of Indie song queen. Totes crazy for it.

4. Once upon a dream - Lana Del Rey

 From beauts dreamy song to dark mysterious one

 5. Bleeding Love-Leona Lewis

 All hail this song!

And here two bonus song. As Cher Lloyd is going to release her albumin a few months or so, and she keeps releasing new Single, I present you: Sirens and Dirty Love

There you have it, my top 5 MVOTM, umm... the size of Leona's MV is bothering me, but oh well. What's your favourite MV back in March?

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