5 Important Items to Bring to School

Of course, nothing better than the feeling when a pen or pencil being used for the first time, a clean eraser and everything in between. Sometimes, there are few items that we forgot to bring. Why? Because they're less important and fulfilling than clean eraser and pencils (or pens). Still, these freaking tools would help us. A lot.

Remember, that maybe these items are your usual bring-to-school items, but many people don't care about it.

1. Highlighter

this is essential bruv, what else you write note for? Jotting down the important fragments from thousands and thousands pages of textbook, in another form of SENTENCES. Highlight KEY WORDS using highlighter, it will make you easier to remember certain part.

2. Stapler
Buy the pocket - sized ones, they're easier to carry around and fit into your pencil case. Don't forget their refills. Who knows when you need to complete a two pages assignment? By stapling the papers together, making them more neat, teacher will appreciate you more, and who is also happy, when a teacher is happy? YOU, not the other. (I don't know if I'm right at this one)

3. File folder

No one likes scattered papers, not you nor your teacher. There are many types and forms of file folder. I prefer an F4-sized one. They usually fit all your assignments no matter what size.

4. Papers
Not sure where to write down that weird note, I didn't quite hear what my teacher says, I don't know if this is right or wrong. No worries anymore. The greatest innovation since fire was discovered/invented (still not sure about that one), here I present : PAPERS 
With large range of colours, sizes, and model, you just pick one you liked the most! It is good for noting down what you have brainstormed this past 15 minutes.
In mood of doodling? Better do it in a piece of independent, free, available paper. Don't tore down paper from your book, your book will look ugly if you do that.

5. Emergency School Supplies 
What's that? Another pencil case? Yes. Fill it with fantastic four : pencil, pen, eraser, and correction tape. 
I don't know if in your country you use pen or not, but if you do, use correction tape instead of liquid correctioner. Correction tape dry fastly and creates flat surface for you to write again. 
Always put them inside your bag, when you return to home, still, put them inside your bag. In case of forgetting to bring pencil case, you always have this thing inside of your bag.

Soo, how about you? What do you think people need to bring to school more? (Besides happiness and motivation)

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