3 Personality and Everything Inbetween Quizzes To Take

If there's anything about human, is we love to have the hate/love relationship with the unknown, whether it is about death, spiritual, or even ourself. That's why there's lots of quiz about afterlife and beforelife (?).

We are unique in our own ways and there's no two of us in this world. Everything shaped us, memories, experiences, feelings, chances are, if there even people who have the exact same feeling, experiences, even looks. The feelings they have is toward a different person.

We always try to dig and discover the true self of us. It's a useless journey if I have to be honest. We always change, what is us yesterday, is the past. Today us is also different from future us. Today you might be that preppy smart girl, tomorrow, you might be the punk-goth but loving life girl.

Nothing's permanent. Not even our existence.

Well, enough for the chitter chatter, if there's anything I've done lately, is filling unreliable and random (some are, maybe) quizzes online, for the sake of fun. And , here have some too, you little daylings :


The most common and worldwide known personality/psychology types. This questionnaire is the most often questionnaire given, if your school does talents and interests quiz at the beginning of the year.
Here are 2 websites that provide MBTI questionnaire :

2. Enneagram

From many personality that is possible, enneagram divides it into 9 types, it is the complement of MBTI, if you want.
Here is one of many websites that provide Enneagram questionnaire : SimilarMinds

3. Brainchild

This test is just purely fun and pretty much rise your ego, which is a good thing when you're feeling down, so this quiz will tell you either you think like Mozart and Cleopatra, or even Abe Lincoln and Socrates. If they have the option. I don't know, I haven't gotten Socrates... or Cleopatra.
Here is the link to the website: Map Your Mind

Why is it only three? We want more!
I can hear y'all, the problem is, once you've known what's your type, you'll spend all night long finding out who and what is the kind of person you are, and let me tell you, three different quizzes is enough to make a week busy as it could be.

Well, I'll help you saving some times from surfing the web searching for fictional characters with your MBTI personality. Here are few of them, and what is a post without any pictures? Boring. Ha ha. (Click for better resolution)

So, what are you?
Are ya as ESTJ as Barney Stinson? Do ya?

Divergent, for all of you who are the fans of them. (This image belong to its owner, if you feel like you own it, comment down below. And sorry)

For you Dr, Who fans. Or SuperWhoLockians? I don't know, you tell me.

Who knows disney's princesses has vast personality. Ha ha. Pls don't hate me you disney fanboy/girl.

Some real person, for real.

*I might edit this post soon, till then, luv ya*

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