STATIONERY #1: Guides to Buy Stationery

Hey daylings, if there is a thing that can lift up my mood (beside window shopping for clothes and yarns), it is stationery shopping spree! Ah, the smell of papers, colour of newly blotted pens, variety of highlighter, the confusion that pop out every time you have to choose between two almost identical pencils. 

My love for stationery is endless...

Okay, today, I am going to explain to you guys: how to choose stationery.

1. Decide what you want to buy first.Write a list of how many you need it, when you need it, what is your preferred brand, and how long can each stationery lasts. 
2. Look for quality, not price.You will use that stationery for quite a long time, especially pens and pencils. Do not think cheap, think smart.
3. Look for your needs, not the discount.That 12 for $12 might sound very interesting until you realise you are not going to use that much scissors in your life. Seriously, if you plan to buy 3 pens, go buy the twelve ones I don't care, but the 2 of a dozen packs…

2D Crushes

Hi my daylings,

I know I haven't posted anything for a while. But worry not, because I am going to post something very light today: 2D crushes.

Do you remember 10 years ago (or even more or less, depends on how old are you right now :P ), when your sole contact with opposite gender is only from cartoons and all the 2Ds gang? Well, I do. This article is written by a heterosexual, yes I realise that heteros are so weird, we avoid opposite gender contacts in any way possible when we were young (or at least that's what I was taught, life and world is full of injustice and plain ignorance things, I know I know)


I do remember :'). But time has passed, and crushes come and go. But 2D crushes, they always have a special part in our heart, and this post is dedicated for them.




This holiday I went to Turkey, Scotland, UK, and Hong Kong. I have been traveling a lot with my family. If there's anything my dad knows the best in how to plan a vacation. So here's the tips and tricks.

PREPARING YOUR VACATION Preparing is never the fun part of having a vacation, all those clothes to pack, the itinerary, hotel bookings etcetera etcetera, but we all have to go through that. Here's the planner :

1. Collect travel agencies package planner
Yes, we are planning our own vacation, but we do not know anything about everything there. So the best plan to do is to make a rough plan using an experienced visitors plan. Collect the brochures with itinerary which fits you, whether it's Wonderful England or American Holiday. 
Keep this itinerary and learn about it. When we finally decide the best itinerary to use, here come the problems:
a. They use travel bus, we use foot. Here's to consider, if you are travelling between states rent a car. Experiencing holiday i…


Hi fellow students!
We are reaching the end of semester, let's prepare ourselves for a long holiday.
What is better than spending an entire holiday binge-watching dramas? NOTHING. I have listed gr8 dramas to watch this holiday, c'mon:

1. Mischievous Kiss
I don't really watch K-dramas, for me most of them are cliches and too melancholy. I prefer light-hearted comedy. I have tried watching Dream High and The Descendants of the Sun or whatever it was, they did not spark any interest in me. Mischievous Kiss is as cliche as most romcoms are but it is too funny to missed. 10/10 would watch, take that from a not-a-K-drama-enthusiast.
They really emphasize the stupidgirlxsmartboy thingy, put that aside and really this drama is perfect.

2. Keeping Up With The Kardashian

Despite how bad the reviews are or how made up this show is, nothing can deny that The Kardashians are one of a kind. It is annoying sometimes seeing how the sisters act (haha) or how pushy their mom is, but KUWTK provide…

Leo and His Oscar


About Friendship.

Last night, I attended my high school prom. I wore the most basic dress I've ever own, it was shell pink but I was looking cool as hell! The problem was, I never thought that the students of my school would be so Americanized. They were giving all for this event. The girls made their own dresses, the boys wore suits and ties like they were born wearing them. So I ended up looking like the little sister who was with her older sis and her friends because mum can't keep an eye on me.

The event was kind of OK, it went along so well, the MCs were nice and funny and the teachers were entertained. At the end of the prom, the MCs asked for the technician to turn of the lamps and invited the attendees to step forward and thanked or apologized to anyone in particular.

A girl asked for forgiveness from her friends who avoid her, saying sorry if she had done anything wrong. And it made me remember my group of friends.

We were formed in eighth or ninth grade. Each of us are different and I so…

Makeups and Facial Care for Beginner

Hey daylings, today I am going to post all things makeup and facial care related for beginners. Starting to take extra care of your skin since high school is a very good way to maintain healthy and beautiful skin. Because you are starting at young age, you do not have to stock loads of beauty products. Before reviewing and listing my all time favourite beauty products for beginner, let's start with one or two (okay, four) things to know:

White skin is not the definition of beautiful    This is a very common misconception (especially in Asia, half of the facial soaps slogan is: because beauty is white). You can rock every shade of your skin. All you need is the self confidence and self realisation: I am the definition of class, glam or whatever. I can see how this trend started, long ago, only the wealthiest are able to stay in home all day while the workers work under the sun leaving their skin darker in shade.

Your face is all correct   Whatever the shape of your nose is, whatever th…